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21st May 2018 
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Therapy offers a unique space in your life where you can feel understood, become more self aware and contemplate change.

It can be unnerving contacting a counsellor for the first time. You might be worried about what you should say, or what questions you might be asked. Perhaps you are sceptical that anyone can help; or alternatively that your difficulties are probably not bad enough for psychotherapy.

People approach counsellors and psychotherapists for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes there is nothing specific, more an awareness of feeling stuck and a belief that moving on seems an impossible task.

Other people recognise that they have managed over many years to cope with life’s ups and downs and yet a current issue is really affecting their enjoyment of life. In some instances, this may be because previous events, which have been tucked away and forgotten, are once again resurfacing and contributing to the negative feelings which are presently being experienced.

Most individuals who are considering therapy have a desire to contemplate change with the help of a trained counsellor or, psychotherapist.

About Me

I am a Psychotherapist and Counsellor, registered with BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) and UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy).

I am qualified to work with individual adults, offering once weekly counselling and psychotherapy. This can be for a pre fixed period of time or, on an open ended basis. My experience relates to clients who describe feeling anxious, sad and depressed, with concerns about self esteem and lack of self fulfilment. This in connection with disappointing and difficult relationships, and family issues.

I work from a small suite of rooms with other counsellors and psychotherapists. We are located in a quiet, gated pedestrian mews off Borough High Street. London Bridge underground station is in very close proximity and Southwark underground is a short 10 minutes walk away. Waterloo slightly further, can be reached on foot in 20 minutes.

The Next Step

You can make contact with me by email or, phone either to find out some more information or, to arrange an initial consultation.

This meeting will enable us both to decide whether we would like to work together. It is important that you find a therapist with whom you feel comfortable and able to trust as in all probability you will be disclosing thoughts and feelings that you have never spoken out loud before.

I will be interested to learn about you, what has prompted you to seek help at this point in time and to ascertain what you are hoping to gain from coming to counselling.

Should we decide that I can offer something which feels beneficial, we would arrange to meet on a weekly basis, usually on a regular day with a specific time slot. I do not impose any notice period should you change your mind at a later date.

There is no obligation to return after this initial consultation, you may decide to look elsewhere with a view to finding the person and the type of psychotherapy or counselling that feels right for you.