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21st June 2018 

How can therapy help?

Finding someone impartial and empathic who you feel able to speak to openly about your worries and concerns can in itself bring some comfort and relief.

Knowing that you have a weekly appointment, a space to offload and untangle anything that has arisen or, occupied your mind during the last week can benefit relationships at home and work.

To feel listened to, understood and accepted. To clarify confusing issues. To learn to recognise your own personality traits. This is the nature of the therapy which I offer.

I do not set homework, talk about myself, or ask you to complete progress sheets.

These are your sessions to use as you choose bringing whatever is uppermost in your mind. Apart from the discussions which take place in the room, it is often the case that further work occurs outside of our sessions, both within your mind and at times verbally with those persons closest to you.

About Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Counselling

I work from a psychodynamic perspective; I believe that our past experiences and the environments that surrounded us, influence our deep rooted feelings, present day character and the nature of our relationships with others.

As our work develops, your patterns of relating to and perceiving others should become more familiar. I may suggest some links with your past to help explain your present day difficulties. This enables personal development through new ways of thinking, relating and reacting to people around us.

Self knowledge improves our feeling of well being and can enable change.