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26th January 2020 
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Counselling offers a unique space in your life where you can feel understood, become more self aware and contemplate change.

It can be unnerving contacting a counsellor for the first time. You might be worried about what you should say, or what questions you might be asked. Perhaps you are sceptical that anyone can help; or alternatively that your difficulties are probably not bad enough for psychotherapy.

People approach counsellors and psychotherapists for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes there is nothing specific, more an awareness of feeling stuck and a belief that moving on seems an impossible task.

As a counsellor I am experienced in working with people who have difficulties with:

Anxiety or worry
Feeling sad, too frequent low moods, depression
Concerns about self esteem, feeling awkward/avoiding social situations, lack of self belief and fulfilment
Difficulties with relationships at home and work, socially and intimately
Family issues and break ups in the present and past
Child hood trauma -emotional neglect, abuse, separation
Wanting to become more self aware.


I am a counsellor in central London working from two locations within close proximity of public transport links -Tottenham Court Road or London Bridge Station.

My counselling practice in London Bridge is located in a quiet, gated pedestrian mews off Borough High Street. I share a small suite of rooms with other counsellors and psychotherapists. London Bridge underground station is in very close proximity and Southwark underground is a short 10 minutes walk away. Waterloo slightly further, can be reached on foot in 20 minutes.

In the evening I work in Bloomsbury a five minute walk from Tottenham Court Road station. The practice is on the top floor of a late 18th century town house . Euston station is 15 minutes walk away.

How can therapy help?

Finding someone impartial and empathic with whom you feel able to speak openly and honestly about your worries and concerns can in itself bring some comfort and relief.

Knowing that you have a weekly appointment, a space to offload and untangle anything that has arisen or, occupied your mind during the last week can benefit relationships at home and work

To feel listened to, understood and accepted. To clarify confusing issues. To learn to recognise your own personality traits.

I work from a psychodynamic perspective; I believe that our past experiences and the home environments and relationships that surrounded us, influence our deep rooted feelings, present day character and the nature of our relationships with others.

As our work develops, your patterns of relating to and perceiving others should become more familiar

Cost and Commitment

I see clients at the same time and on the same day each week.

Presently I have day time appointments up until 4pm in London Bridge where my fee is 60 for ongoing weekly 50 minute sessions.

If you are looking for appointments from 5pm I have some available in Bloomsbury where the fee is 65 for ongoing weekly 50 minute sessions.

I charge the same fees for an initial consultation.